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Conversation Basics

Great conversation assists you to create in others the idea that he or she “knows” you, understands you, can relate to you, and most importantly, can trust you.Yes, conversation can do all that! With a little practice people will feel they have known you for years when your in conversation with them, when in fact you were perfect strangers five minutes ago.

Believe me, it isn’t grades or qualifications that are the indicator of how successful a person will turn out to be, it’s how well that person can make conversation. A recent study into conversation looked at former students of Stanford University School of Business 10 years after they graduated.

Grade averages had nothing to do with their degree of success. What did however, was their ability to make conversation. The most successful students could have a conversation with anyone - strangers, bosses, bosses’ wives, milkmen, you get the idea.

And while this modern study of conversation may have proved the power of conversational ability, it is a power which has been known throughout history.

Your new-found conversational skills will give you the same kind of advantage in personal relationships as it does in the world of business.

Brush Up On the Basic Conversation

Topics For Conversation

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